Giant Finger Painting Sets World Record

HONG KONG — As American children were celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday, around 3,300 students were setting a Guinness World Record in China. The children created a giant finger painting carrying the anti-drug slogan, "Not Now, Not Ever, Say No to Drugs."

Measuring nearly 23,000 square feet, the oversized painting is part of a series of large-scale anti-drug publicity and education activities launched by the Western Police District, the Narcotics Division and the Action Committee Against Narcotics (ACAN).

The kids received a Guinness World Record Certificate and made a pledge to continue their commitment to fighting drug abuse. The finger painting will be reproduced as banners and displayed at all immigration checkpoints, public amenities, non-governmental organizations and schools.
[Photo: Children surround their Guinness World Record setting anti-drug finger painting, courtesy Xinhuanet]


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