Giant Ghandi Sculpted from Sand for Martyr's Day

Mahatma Gandhi, Martyrs' Day, sand sculptures
Sixty-two years after Mahatma Gandhi's death, nearly 150 artists from across India assembled at the beaches of Pandabar. Sand sculptures depicting Gandhi's life and values were created just in time for Martyrs' Day, Jan. 30. [Credit: Sify]

INDIA — On January 30, 2010, sixty-two years after Mahatma Gandhi was killed, thousands came to the beach near his birthplace to pay homage to the Indian spiritual leader. The date is observed annually as Martyrs' Day, and this year 150 artists from across India came to the small port town of Pandabar to create 75 magnificent sand sculptures depicting Gandhi's philosophy of peace.

"With this event, we want to give youngsters a feel of the life of the Mahatma and his values. We have involved some 150 people — students of fine arts and artists..." an event organizer told the press.

The works are on display until February 5.


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