Princes William and Harry's First Double Portrait Painting Unveiled

National Portrait Gallery, Prince William, Prince Harry, artist Nicky Philipps
Jan. 6, 2010: The first double portrait painting of Princes William (age 27, shown standing) and Harry (age 25, seated) went on display at the National Portrait Gallery in London.
LONDON — The first double portrait painting of Diana's boys, Princes William and Harry, officially went on display Wednesday at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

British artist Nicola "Nicky" Philipps was commissioned to depict the brothers in their official context but said she also wanted to convey a human element. "I hope I have also captured some of the brotherly banter that characterized the sittings," she explained.

The Princes sat for Philipps five times over a period of six months, beginning in August 2008. The artist told the Times Online, "When they arrived for the first sitting they entertained themselves. We chatted; sometimes they would banter together. It made such a lovely scene that I picked up on that and let them. They were just two brothers chatting. They did a lot of laughing.”

The oil painting shows Prince Harry, 25, seated and in conversation with Prince William, 27, who stands in a doorway of the library of Clarence House, their official residence since 2002. Both brothers wear the military uniforms of the Household Cavalry.

"The first portrait of the princes captures them formally dressed, but informally posed," said National Portrait Gallery director Sandy Nairne. "It is a delightful image which extends the tradition of royal portraiture," she added.


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