Attention Mall Shoppers: World's Largest Mona Lisa On View

Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci

WREXHAM, WALES -- Mall shoppers in Wales were certainly treated to something better than a sweet snack at the food court on Wednesday. The world's largest reproduction of the famed Mona Lisa was revealed at the Eagles Meadow shopping center in Wrexham.

“It’s mind-blowing, but the smile is still as enigmatic as ever. It took over a week to do her face — everybody knows what it looks like so we had to make sure it was exactly right," said artist Katy Webster, who was in charge of the project. Here are some more impressive stats: the project required 245 people, working for 987 hours, using 23 gallons of paint on 82 different vinyl squares, to create a work of art that measures 2,583 square feet.

Unlike visiting Leonardo da Vinci's original fine art masterpiece in Paris' Louvre Museum, shopper-spectators are not charged an entry fee, there is no neck craning or eye straining necessary, and visitors can touch the masterpiece without fear of tripping any alarms.

Members from the entire community contributed to the construction, including school children from Victoria Primary School and members of the Haulfan Centre for people with disabilities. Folks can purchase a little piece of the record-breaking artwork by donating money to Hope House, a local charity that provides for terminally ill children.



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