The Louvre Will Offer Mona Lisa...and McDonald's? Sacre Bleu!

A McDonald's at the prestigious Louvre Museum? Oh Mon Dieu! The impending construction is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of refined Parisian palates. But since fast food restaurants are practically all over the place, it was likely only a matter of time before Mona Lisa met Ronald McDonald.
PARIS /NPR/ -- French culture and American convenience will come together in Paris soon: McDonald's plans to open a restaurant in the forecourt of the Louvre art museum in December. But the idea is meeting with sharp criticism from the French art community.

With its vaulted ceilings and polished, granite walls, the upscale shopping mall beneath the museum — known as Le Carrousel du Louvre — has the same I.M. Pei architecture as the museum. The mall almost feels like an extension of the Louvre itself, and that's partially why the idea of a McDonald's there is ruffling feathers.

Officials from the Louvre are assuring critics that a quality McCafe will be positioned in the underground approach to its entrance. The restaurant will represent the American segment of a new food court featuring world cuisines and coffee shops.

France is McDonald's biggest market after the United States, but many in France see the fast-food chain as the Trojan horse of globalization and the scourge of the traditional French meal.

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