91-Year-Old Carves Her Win in Stone at Sculpture By the Sea

Sculpture by the Sea, Australia
SYDNEY -- The 13th annual Sculpture by the Sea festival opened this week at Sydney's beautiful Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk. One of the most popular sculpture exhibitions in the world, the Australian event has attracted over 4.3 million people since it's inception in 1997.

This year's winner was a surprise to many - a 91-year-old grandmother named May Barrie. Her granite carving, entitled Time and Tide Granite Monolith II, was completed in 1996 and beat out 113 other entries for first place. Barrie graduated from the National Art School in Melbourne and has been a sculptor most of her life. "I know it's a good work and now I'm glad that other people agree. I'm surprised and pleased to have been given this award. I hope I'm not just dreaming this," Barrie said. She plans to share the the $54,000 (USD) first prize with her family.
Sculpture by the Sea (Oct. 29 - Nov.15, 2009) | Website

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