Artist's Michael Jackson Mosaic Wins World Record

World Guiness Record, Michael Jackson portrait

TIRANA, ALBANIA — He's already done it three times before, using 500,000 nails, 1 million toothpicks and 300,000 corks, respectively, but this time around record-breaking artist Saimir Strati has created the world's largest mosaic using paintbrushes. Strati, an Albanian artist, used 230,000 black and brown paintbrushes to create a gigantic portrait of the late pop icon Michael Jackson.

The dedicated Strati labored for sixteen hours a day, all while listening to the sounds of his inspiration and muse - Michael Jackson. "All the time I was being guided by his music and made a silent deal with him to help me find the secrets of his great singing," Strati said in an interview.

Crowds cheered Friday as Strati presented his artwork to Guinness World Record judges in Tirana's main Skanderbeg square. "I have measured the mosaic and this is a new Guinness World Record," Guinness adjudicator Andrea Banfi announced to the crowd. The paintbrush mosaic measures approximately 33 x 8.5 feet and was placed on the side of a truck so it could be shared with townspeople throughout Albania.
Read More - Albanian Makes Record Michael Jackson Mosaic | Reuters
[Photo: Saimir Strati poses with his mosaic of Michael Jackson, courtesy Reuters]

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