Adopt a Dot from Seurat's 'Grande Jatte'

Georges Seurat, Art Institute of Chicago

CHICAGO — Can't decide on a holiday gift for the art lover in your life? The Art Institute of Chicago has a creative idea for you - Adopt a Dot! That's right, this year you can "own" a dot from one of the museum's most beloved paintings, Georges Seurat's A Sunday on La Grande Jatte (1884).

Seurat's famous masterpiece is 125 years old this year and the Art Institute is celebrating by allowing museum members to adopt one of the thousands of dots in the painting. Adopt a Dot is reminiscent of the "International Star Registry" program, but nonetheless it's a brilliant marketing plan to increase AIC memberships and raise funds for the museum.

When you adopt a dot, you'll receive a commemorative button pin in one of six colors (light blue, red, green, pink, dark blue, black) chosen from the painting, as well as a card describing the location of your dot. The adoption fees are $10 for one dot, $25 for three dots, and $50 for all six colors. Proceeds will support the museum's conservation and curatorial departments.

Download the Adopt a Dot Order Form Here >
[Image: A Sunday on La Grande Jatte (1884) by Georges Seurat turns 125 years old in 2009.]

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