Mysterious B.N.E. Stickers Slap Manhattan

graffiti artist, B.N.E.
NEW YORK — His iron-grip stickers are affixed to all things stationary from Prague to Hong Kong. This week, he and his monogram are in New York for their very own gallery show.

But who is he?

The New York Times scored the first "formal" interview with the elusive B.N.E., but even so, the details of his identity remain a mystery. Nobody knows the real name of the man in the hooded sweatshirt - and he hopes to keep it that way. His graffiti art is not exactly legal, after all. In fact, mayor Gavin Newsom offered a $2,500 reward for information leading to B.N.E.'s arrest after he covered San Francisco with his logo. He won't even be attending his own gallery exhibition for fear of being nabbed by police.

As for what the B.N.E. moniker means - it's anyone's guess. Maybe its his initials, or maybe it stands for Big Nude Elf? Bert 'N Ernie? Bureau of Naughty Elephants? The speculation by bloggers and fans is endless (and sort of addictive).

“Let’s just say it has a meaning that’s personal to me,” he said. “At this point, it means whatever you need it to mean.”
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[Photo: Example of a B.N.E. sticker affixed to various public fixtures.]


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