Would You Care for Coffee, Tea or Crayolas?

Drawing of flight attendant Jewel 
Van Valin done by a Delta passenger. 
[Credit: AP/Jewel Van Valin].
PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — Even with iPods, tabloid magazines and in-flight movies, plane rides can be pretty boring. But if you happen to be on Delta airlines, and your flight attendant is a woman named Jewel Van Valin, you're in for a fun ride.

When Delta began tightening their belts after 9/11, the airline's cost-cutting measures included substituting paper for linens as tray table covers. Passengers weren't exactly thrilled with the downgrades - and that's when Jewel Van Valin came up with a creative idea. She found a box of crayons in her flight bag and put a crayon on each passenger's tray.

"The passengers started laughing and drawing," Van Valin recalled. "It was a way to reconnect after 9/11."

Although some passengers were skeptical at first, and some even warned of their drawing inabilities, everyone eventually got on board with the artistic adventure. Crayola has even supplied Van Valin with complimentary Rainbow Twistables crayons.

Van Valin displays all of the drawings during each flight (creating a sort of mini-exhibit) and collects all of the artwork before the passengers debark. She has saved an estimated 3,500 drawings, many of which are now being shown at the Palm Springs Air Museum. The exhibition, entitled Plane Art - Connecting People is currently on view through January 25.
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