Cheesy Portrait: Conan O'Brien Immortalized in Cheetos [VIDEO]

COLORADO — Whether you're Team Coco or Team Leno, you've got to appreciate the very cheesy art of Colorado Springs artist Jason Baalman. He's known for his food art using media like ketchup and chocolate syrup. But most recently, Frito-Lay commissioned him to create a portrait of Conan O'Brien completely out of Cheetos.

“I think it’s cheating if you get out a paintbrush,” said Baalman, whose videos capturing his creative processes have gone viral.

The finished masterpiece was supposed to be revealed on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. At least, that was the plan before the whole NBC late-night fiasco.

The Conan portrait took three weeks to create, measures 5"x4" and was constructed from 2,000 individual Cheetos (50 bags) of three different flavors. And if you'd like to hang this finger-lickin' good art in your home, is running an exclusive giveaway until Thursday, February 4.

“Art — especially modern art — is hard to understand; it takes a lot of background." Baalman explained. "This is something that everyone can understand.”


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