Disney VoluntEARS Set World Record for Largest Canned Food Sculpture

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The record-breaking Largest Canned Food Sculpture, constructed from 115,527 cans, was unveiled at EPCOT on Thursday. The sculpture will be disassembled and donated to food banks in Orlando, Miami and Atlanta. [Credit: Disney]
VIDEO: Watch time-lapse footage of Disney VoluntEARS constructing the Largest Canned Food Sculpture ever created.

ORLANDO — Mickey’s head shaped from cans of black olives, cans of sliced pineapple for Pluto’s eyes, containers of Atlantic salmon as a portion of Goofy’s face, cans of tuna for Donald’s hat, pupils made from pans of popcorn - in all, 44 tons of food were used to construct the Largest Canned Food Sculpture ever created.

Walt Disney World Resort unveiled the massive character sculpture on Thursday as part of its “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day” program (launched January 1, 2010). Consisting of a total of 115,527 cans of everything from albacore tuna and apricot halves to stewed tomatoes and mixed vegetables, the structure was officially certified as the largest ever by Guinness World Records. The previous record for a can sculpture was 54,527 cans, set June 2009 in New Zealand.

Entitled “Celebrate Volunteers,” the gigantic can sculpture required a dedicated team of Disney VoluntEARS and project leaders, who spent more than 500 hours working over a four-day period.

The food will be donated to food banks in Orlando, Miami and Atlanta and is expected to provide 70,000 meals to the needy. “Each can makes a difference in someone’s life who cannot afford this food,” said Dave Krepcho, CEO of Second Harvest of Central Florida. “Much of this food goes to children in need, working moms trying to provide, senior citizens coping on fixed incomes and people whose disabilities keep them from working.”


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