Newly Authenticated Van Gogh Unveiled

Vincent van Gogh, Fundatie Museum, Le Blute-Fin Windmill, painting
Vincent van Gogh's "Le Blute-Fin Windmill" (1886)
[Credit: Fundatie Museum]
AMSTERDAM — The year was 1995 the last time a painting was formerly attributed to Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890). But experts conducting a study at the Van Gogh Museum recently concluded "beyond any doubt" that the 1886 painting Le Blute-Fin Windmill is an authentic work by the Dutch Post-Impressionist.

"The painting is a little a-typical for Van Gogh because of the many people appearing on it but also very typical because of the prominent role for the mill," said Ralph Keuning, director of the Fundatie Museum.

Dirk Hannema, the founder of the small Fundatie Museum in the Dutch city of Zwolle, bought the painting 35 years ago. Though experienced as an art collector, Hannema had a history of wrongly attributing other paintings to Dutch Baroque painter Johannes Vermeer so his theories on the possible van Gogh were quickly dismissed. After Hannema died in 1984 the painting disappeared into the museum's archives only to resurface in 2007.

Since the 1970 publication of the artist's catalogue raisonné, The Works of Vincent van Gogh, only five paintings have been added to his oeuvre of approximately 900 works.

Le Blute-Fin Windmill is on view at the Fundatie Museum through July 4.
[Source: NRC]


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