Google's Doodle Celebrates Rockwell's Birthday

Google doodle, Norman Rockwell
Today's Google logo celebrates Norman Rockwell's birthday.
Happy Birthday Norman Rockwell! The iconic illustrator is arguably the most popular and well-known American artist of all time. He produced an impressive 4,000 works of art in his lifetime, most notably Rosie the Riveter, the Four Freedoms Series  and The Problem We All Live With.

Google is celebrating the artist's 116th birthday with a doodle incorporating Rockwell's Little Spooners, an image of a boy and girl lost in puppy love and enchanted by the setting sun. The painting was one of Rockwell’s most popular and appeared on the front cover of the Saturday Evening Post on April 24, 1926. 

Norman Rockwell was born February 3, 1894 and died of emphysema on November 8, 1978.


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