Artists Hope Ice House Makes a Chilling Statement in Detroit

Ice House Detroit, architectural installation
DETROIT -- This winter, two artists plan to make a chilling statement about the high foreclosure rate continuing to debilitate the city of Detroit. One of the 80,000 abandoned houses in downtown Detroit will be sprayed with water in subzero temperatures and gradually covered in layers of ice. In the spring, any salvageable materials will be reused, the house will be demolished and the lot donated to local farmers. The process will be documented and shared via blog, photographs and film, with additional plans to produce fine art prints and a limited edition art book.

Dubbed Ice House Detroit, the architectural installation was conceived by photographer Gregory Holm and architect Matthew Radune. According to their website, Ice House Detroit "aims to uphold concepts of neighborhood integrity, material reuse, public art, social empowerment, and urban farming." The pair are currently trying to raise the $11,000 necessary to complete the project. Their deadline for funding is December 16.

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