New Olympic Medals Unveiled for 2010 Vancouver Games

Vancouver 2010, Olympic medals
VANCOUVER, BC -- In a ceremony Thursday, one of the last major announcements was made before the start of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games, scheduled to begin February 12 in Vancouver. The medals to be awarded at the Winter Olympics were unveiled, which for the first time in history will each feature a unique design.

The 2010 medals will also differ from past years in their weight (they are heavy than ever), and surface design (undulating rather than flat). These non-traditional designs were created by architect and industrial designer Omer Arbel, while Corrine Hunt completed the artwork.

Hunt based her work on Canadian aboriginal imagery. The artist explained her choice to depict orcas and ravens, "I felt that the Olympics are a community and would reflect not only the strength of the athletes but the strength of the movement itself. The orca or the killer whale is really a beautiful creature that is strong, it has many wonderful physical characteristics but it also is a creature that lives within a community." Hunt continued, "The raven is a totem rising, it's a creature that is all things, and I think Paralympic athletes have that in them. They're sometimes given challenges and they rise above those challenges and the raven does the same."

How will the athletes react to these new medal designs? We'll find out soon - most likely they'll be happy just to win one. 



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Canada Guy said...

The Olympics are self destructive. With the threat of global warming we cannot afford such flagrant displays of excess and overconsumption. The best way to avoid 300,000 tons of emissions is for people to simply stay at home.

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