Garage Sale Picasso: Is a Two Dollar Purchase Worth Two Million?

Pablo Picasso, painting
SHREVEPORT -- Antique furniture, used clothing, old books...those are the typical garage sale offerings. Once in a while you even find an item worth bargaining for, and for just one dollar another person's trash becomes your treasure. For two dollars, you can have that painting in the cheap little frame, the one over there with the fake "Pablo Picasso" signature scribbled across the front of it.

That was the scenario at Edith Parker's garage sale - except in this case, the Picasso painting may be real. Parker, who resides in a Shreveport, Louisiana trailer park, inherited a pile of leftover junk from her recently deceased neighbor. She knew her neighbor was an art collector, but his family assured her the painting in the pile was just a fake. So Parker sold the item to Teisha McNeal for $2.

Most of us use the internet to find answers to our most curious questions; McNeal got home with her $2 purchase and curiously searched for it on the web. What she found led her to believe the painting was not only authentic, but stolen. While the FBI has since confirmed the work is not stolen, "They told me that it looks like an original," McNeal said in an interview.

Whether the painting is worth two dollars or two million remains to be seen, but maybe we'll all think twice before skipping out on our neighbor's next yard sale.

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* * * * * UPDATE * * * * *

10/29/2009 -- "Looks like an original" does not mean is an original. The Shreveport Times has reported that the $2 garage sale painting is NOT an authentic Picasso. "As far as we can tell, the painting does not appear to be an original," said Steve Hall, supervisory senior resident agent of the FBI's Shreveport office. "The dimensions of the print do not match the dimensions of the original Picasso painting."

The outcome isn't as surprising as it is disappointing. Still, you never really know what treasures you may find if you don't at least look...

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