Michelangelo's Travelogue Includes a Tour of Seattle

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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Twelve exceptional drawings by Renaissance master Michelangelo have journeyed to the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) on loan from the Casa Buonarroti in Florence, home of the largest repository of the artist's drawings in the world. The exhibit Michelangelo Public and Private focuses on the Old Master's preliminary work for the Sistine Ceiling and the Last Judgment, and features original drawings, portraits of the artist, personal documents and decorative items.

Museum visitors will gain insight into Michelangelo's working process - a notion that would not exactly thrill  the artist. It is said that Michelangelo burned most of his drawings and preparatory works, “so that no one should see the labors he endured and the ways he tested his genius, and lest he should appear less than perfect," according to Renaissance biographer Giorgio Vasari.       
Michelangelo Public and Private: Drawings for the Sistine Chapel and Other Treasures from the Casa Buonarroti (October 15, 2009–January 31, 2010)
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Companion Features to the Exhibit
Hidden around town are one dozen 18-inch-tall statues that SAM calls "Little Davids," replicas of Michelangelo's David sculpture (1504) housed in the Accademia. Those lucky enough to spot a "Little David" in his traveling crate are encouraged to take photos of themselves with the statue (ala the "Roaming Gnome") and upload them to Little David's Travelogue.

The SAM also released the following video featuring Curatorial Advisor on the exhibition and Deans Professor of the Humanities at Syracuse University, Dr. Gary Radke, providing a fascinating lecture on  Michelangelo Public and Private


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