Can Hirst Paintings Intoxicate Like Formaldehyde?

The Wallace Collection, Damien Hirst

LONDON -- Starting Wednesday, The Wallace Collection will host an exhibition of 25 new paintings by British artist Damien Hirst. No Love Lost, Blue Paintings will feature works that according to the artist, are “deeply connected to the past.” With pieces created between 2006 and 2008, the show marks the artist’s return to the solitary practice of painting.

Hirst is notorious for challenging the status quo with his preserved butterflies, sheep and sharks swimming in formaldehyde. But there will be no such works on view at the classical Wallace Collection. No Love Lost was inspired by the artist's more traditional visual mentors; Goya, Rembrandt, de Kooning and Bacon

"You kind of think that you've done all that formaldehyde work and then it's a real shock that you're doing something quite straightforward," Hirst said.
No Love Lost, Blue Paintings (Oct. 14 - Jan. 24, 2010) @ The Wallace Collection | Website

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