LAPD Chief Calls It a Cow Splat, But Is It Art?

Peter Shelton, LAPD, sculpture

LOS ANGELES -- Artist Peter Shelton has called his mammoth bronze sculpture "sixbeaststwomonkeys" and "animaline," but Los Angeles police chief William Bratton has another name for it - "some kind of cow splat." The $500,000 sculpture (not yet formally named) is installed outside the back of LAPD headquarters. Though the artist set out to create a "playful and provocative" work, his art is provoking negative responses from some of the staff inside, including the outspoken chief Bratton.

"An unwanted thing just suddenly landed here. I just don't get that, and we are stuck with it," Bratton said in an interview. Some critics don't understand what the massive structure is supposed to represent, others question whether this was money wasted in a time of economic crisis.

Shelton, who has exhibited at prominent art institutions, including New York's Whitney Museum and the Museum of Modern Art, is pleased with his work. After 10 years working on public art projects he looks forward to going back into the studio.

[Read more - Bratton, Artist at Odds Over Sculpture at LAPD HQ | San Francisco Examiner]


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